Renting a car for a vacation just makes sense. It saves you money that you’d be spending on taxi rides and keeps you from being reliant upon the schedule or unpredictable schedule of public transportation.  Also it will give you the possibility to go anywhere you want in your own time.

Before proceed with things not to do when renting a car, First we will show you 5 benefit to rent a car when you are in vacation.

5 Benefit of renting a car

Freedom to go anywhere
A part from no having to adapt yourself to the public transportation schedules, you can plan your travel route in a totally personalized manner. You can visit places with poor public transport connections and make a stop or detour whenever you desire. You only have to come to an agreement with your travel companions.

Save your Time

If you rent a car, everything from maintenance to be done by the owner. Your duty is to rent and self driving only, so that you will not have time to looking for the maintenance.

Save money

If we rent a car for long term, we can receive a discount on the rental fee. We don’t have to pay fix costs nor maintenance costs, only the cost of the fuel. Furthermore, the rental fees can be an eligible expense in our business.

You can Change at Anytime

If anything Failure after reporting to a rental car company will provides an exchange car with assistance of anything can happen.

You feel Comfortable

It increase your physical comfort during the trip, we recommend that you have to choose the type of car according to the number of people and the duration of your trip to increase comfortable and Safety.

5 Things you should concern when renting a Car

Do Inspection before rent

Just Take about 15-20 minutes to do a complete inspection of the vehicle that includes all the fenders, the tires, the inside, and even the safety equipment. In fact, the rental representative will probably have a checklist that you will have to endorse. To protect yourself even further, take a picture both when you pick up the car and before you drop it off.

Check your Documentation

Check all your documentations such as Credit card has been approved for payment or denied, your Driving License is update and other documents that will help you to be safe side when anything happen.

Ask about Credit Card Policy

When you call to check your credit card’s policy on rental cars, ask specifically what they cover. Some credit card companies may cover any damages you incur on the rental car, but will not pay fees assessed by the rental car company. These fees can add up.

Join the reward program for Rental  Companies

Rewards programs for car rental companies can offer many different types of benefits depending on how you like to handle your finances and how you travel. Some will offer points towards the next rental, a discount, or even let you “move to the head of the line.”

Choose a right Car

Most car rental companies with online service show you how many seats are in the car, how much luggage will fit, and some even suggest the size to get based on your plans.

I hope you have learn something from us,comment below.  If you need assistance please contact us