Most of travelers are looking for the best restaurants to get best services and affordable price. Some of the best restaurants in Zanzibar and you will never regret for their services from different places in Zanzibar.

Lukmaan Restaurant (Mkunazini, Zanzibar)

Locals and Tourists come to this restaurant. This place is crowded everyday because of cheap and the delicious food. This place is offering wide options of food, juices, dessert typical for Zanzibar and the price are so nice. Only to mention, do not expect luxury dinning, tjis place is mostly a self service buffet but the staff is also very happy to serve you at the table. You can also get take away for sure you will not be able to eat it all.

If you want to have budget friendly lunch and dinner, have a locals of awesome food and meet also local people go head and visit.

Emerson Spice Tea House Restaurant (Hamamni, Zanzibar)

The ambiance is fantastic . You walk up several flights of stars to the roof top and are able to check ou the meechany’s house one way up, it is lovely watching the sunset over the roof tops of Zanzibar.

The Rock Restaurant (Michamvi, Zanzibar)

It is amazing specialy when you experience both walking toward the restaurant due to low tide and by boat during high tide. The restaurant can accomodate limited number of people due to space and the makes restaurant not crowded at all. Also you have to book online. People are saying is over price but to be honest you are not paying just for the food but for the experience as well. You can find something cheapest but it is not restaurant on a top of a rock and in the middle of the sea. Book here

Mama Mia (Nungwi, Zanzibar)

It is very nice restaurant infront of the sea. Love it for the tasty food, view, the great service. More over, everything is not too long and you do not to wait too much time for the food and fair price.

Luciana Restaurant (Paje, Zanzibar)

The great service and delicious food in paje. Luciana owner is so nice and very welcoming. Good price compare to many other places.

Delight Zanzibar (Paje, Zanzibar)

Delight Zanzibar has got the best Pizza in Paje Beach, very nice atmosphere and most certainly best servicr from the owner and staff. The vennue is so pretty with swinging chair, beach view and fair lights.

Bin Jabir Restaurant (Matemwe, Zanzibar)

This is Tiny little place on the beach, but one that serves food packed with flavor. Tje servers bring out a little tea kettle with warm water to wash your hands before food served which is quite cool. Food are very delicious  however you have to call the place and reserve a table. Also while the menu lists price in local currency, you can also pay in USD. However any change will be in Local Tanzania Shillings.

The Island- Pongwe Lodge Restaurant (Uroa, Zanzibar)

The view is absolutely stuning, fresh dish, for sea food mix grill is very nice. You can enjoy the beach after lunch.

Local Restaurant Eciaa ( Kiwengwa, Zanzibar)

It is a local food restaurant. Great seafood dish with fresh and huge portion. Good experience and friendly services.

Fadhil Restaurant ( Jambiani, Zanzibar)

Place might turn you off as it is a local place, in a dark street, nothing fancy. Most travelers are prefer due to the food quality. They serv quite quickly after arriving.