Green travel is a broad term with two main branches: It refers first and foremost to responsible travel practices that pay attention to environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It can also refer to eco-tourism, which involves responsible travel specifically to natural areas. Here are some basic environmental travel tips to practice during you are in Zanzibar.

Do not use plastic:

Plastic is unnecessary, you can subtitute this material, it is awful for the enviroment and for our planet.

Try to take shorter showers and re-use the water:

Try to take shorter showers, turning the water off while you lather up, shampoo, shave or brush your teeth.

Return maps, brounchers, and other tourist information:

Return maps, brounchers, and other tourist information once you are finished with them so that they may be reused by future travelers.

Bring along a small bag pick-up any trash:

Bring along a small bag and pick-up any trash you spot along your hike. Have a friendly competition to see who can clean up the most unsightly waste.

Never feed or touch wildlife:

Never feed or touch wildlife do any reason. Feeding animals make them habituated to and reliant on humans, and often leads to attacks. If you get bit, the animal will most likely be killed.

Do not print tickets:

Do not print tickets if you can travel using electronic tickets.

Choose a green tour company:

If you book any tour activities, choose a green tour company because they will protect enviromental suistainability also to reduce negative enviromental and social impact.