If the goal of vacation is to feel better, why are nasty injuries, icky infections, and added pounds such common souvenirs? Why, when we travel, do we think we’re in a parallel universe, where we have superhero powers and are immune from harm? With this ultimate Prevention trip planner, you will have excellent adventure and still return in one piece.


Pack your First Aid Kit

Pharmacist Laura  Mandos of the University of Sciences suggest :

Bandages and Neosporin: for cuts  for larger injuries, bring  tape and gauze. If the water is not safe, Saline solution is a atarlile wash.

Hydrocortisone cream: Provide tropical relief for poison ivy, poison oak or stinging nettles.

Benadryl: Good for allergic reactions in and in a pinch, it is doubles as a slee aid.

Imodium: Your go to solution for diarrhea ( for an upset stomach, try ginger ale).

Check your Health Insurance

Not all medical insurance covers travel abroad. Break your leg while hiking in the jungel and medical evaluation could set you back $10,000 or more. So ask consider buying supplimental policy.


Get in the sleep zone: Between the hours you spent getting  to the airport and the double time you put in the office the week before, you are even more tired thqn tou were before your vacation started what’s sleep deprived traveler to do? Graham, MD of University of Carlifonia, Sanfrancisco, sleep disorder center offer his tips to help

Do take melatonin.

It is not a sleeping pill, but it helps reset your internal sleep clock ” if you are flying east, take it early evening before you leave on your trip, once you arrive take another one hour before bedtime” he said

Do not order  a Bloody Mary.

On the palne the minute the beverage cart rolls by. We know it is tempting alcohol can help you fall asleep despite your cramped upright position. But sleep overall drinking disrupt your sleep and leave you less rested.

Do not hit the sack.

as soon as you’ve checked in to your hotel—no matter how exhausted you feel. Instead, get on the local time. “There’s a saying that ‘heading east is a beast,’ ” says Dr. Glass. “If you must take a nap, keep it under two hours.”

Get out your Sunscreen

Bathing suit: Check! Fully loaded Kindle: Check! Two bottles ofsunscreen for every member of your family: Seriously? That’s right. For adequate protection, you need to coat yourself every 2 hours and apply a lot more than you realize. Vanity alert: The thin skin on the top of your hands is a prime target for age spots.