Zanzibar consist of many small Islands and two large ones, Unguja and Pemba Island.

Zanzibar people are an ethic mixture of many different back grounds ncluding Persian, Arab and African. 99% of Zanzibar population are Muslim and the remainingĀ  are Christian and Hindu.

The official languages of Zanzibar are Swahili and English. English is spoken by most Islanders and many have working knowledge of Italian, Arabic and French. It has extremely useful for the travelers to haveĀ  working knowledge of Swahili, especailly outside outside the urban areas.

Festival and Events

Sauti za Busara

Sauti Za Busara is swahili words which means “Sonud of Wisdom”. It is an African music festival that held every year in February Zanzibar, Tanzania. Sauti Za Busara is one of the largest music festival in East Africa with several hundreds of Artists in participating each year.

Festival of the Dhow Countries

It is also known as Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) is an annual film held in Zanzibar, Tanzania. It has been described as the largest cultural event in East Africa and it is held in July.

Mwaka Kogwa Festival

Makunduchi is mostly known for the Mwaka Kogwa celebrations of shirazi heritage that take place in July/August to celebrate Persian new year. In Mwak Kogwa Battle fought at the end of which a hut is burned.

The predictions are made for the new year, based on the direction taken by the smoke. Tours are organized to visit the place festival and expalin on point out the customs.

Eid el Hajj

It is an Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to follow Allah’s (God’s)command to sacrifice his son. Most of Zanzibar celebrate it for four days.

Eid el Fitr

This is Four days celebration which take place end of the Ramadhan, the month of fasting and it is the biggest and the most respected of all festival in Zanzibar.

Arts and Crafts in Zanzibar

Arts lover will find painting by Zanzibar artists including painting styles. Many of the fame Zanzibar doors represents a time when Arts and Crafts in the Island. The beautiful cavings also tell many stories of Arabic, Indian and Swahili Culture that still exist in Zanzibar.

A dhow is a traditional Arab sailing vessel with one or more lateen Sails. It was primary used to carry heavy duties along the coasts of Arabian Peninsula. In Zanzibar we still making Dhows as our means of sailing from one place to another and tourist attraction.