The Full Moon Party in Zanzibar is one of the biggest parties you will experience in your life, so it’s time to make sure you make the most of it! It’s a long night, so here are my  top 5 tips for surviving the Full Moon Party.

Prepare to sweat

Picture thousands of people drinking and dancing. This equals an increased amount of sweat! Ladies, keep your makeup light if you don’t want it running down your face.

Wear appropriate shoes

Although it’s tempting to get back to nature and feel the glorious white sand beneath your toes there will be glass and other rubbish underfoot and buried in the drifts kicked up by dancing feet. The last thing you want is an injury to stop you busting your (no doubt stellar) moves – so keep the sneakers on.

Be a Good Person

Everyone’s here to have fun, man. There’s no need to try to get into fights with someone who accidentally bumped into you.

The beach is depressing in the morning once the sun rises and the people clear out. Pick up a little trash on your way out, and try to properly dispose of your stuff during the night. There’s plenty of trash cans on the beach and there’s plenty of trash in the oceans already.

Stay awake 

You my be tired, you may smell like a bucket of  Sangsom, your leg muscles may be done in by dunes, but it feels like a real achievement to be dancing on the sand as the sun starts to rise. Don’t be one of those tucked up in bed (or with your head down the loo) dreaming away the gorgeous morning.

Don’t bring your valuables

Take only the money you’ll need for your ride from your hotel to fool moon party (round trip), drinks and food.  If you must bring your phone, keep it in a zippered pocket on your body the entire night.  Or have it in your hand, literally, the entire night.

Top 3 Famous Places for Nightlife in Zanzibar

Kendwa Rocks (Nungwi, Zanzibar)

A popular Saturday night hangout, this Kendwa Rocks beach bar is located in the resort of the same name and is famous for its good grills, tasty cocktails, and music. The bar is loved for its rustic look as you can either spend your evenings in one of the bungalows or in one of its old wooden beach huts.

Tatu (Stone town, Zanzibar)

Tatu means three in swahili and this place has three floors, the first floor is bar, second floor is restaurant and the third floor nightlife.

Red Monkey Lodge (Jambiani, Zanzibar)

Monday nights are party nights at the Red Monkey Lodge! Here you will dance to local sounds and get to mingle with those who live on the island as well as lots of travelers too. Book your tickets ahead of time as the lodge is part of the resort.

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