The Professional Tour Guides in Zanzibar

The official guides in Zanzibar must be registered with Zanzibar Commission for tourism to be under the Registered Tour Companies or Zanzibar Association of Tour Guides (ZATOGA).

Most of the Professional tour guides  in Zanzibar have good knowledge of the area’s history, culture and traditions. They are also be able to provide up to date factual information and answer questions.

Professional tour guides in Zanzibar can help to ensure that you are not conned by shop keepers and taxi drivers, and acts as a deterrent to people who might otherwise hassle you, such as beggars and street vendors.

Professional tour guides in Zanzibar is familiar with the weather conditions and terrain, aware of danger zones and trained in first aid.

The professional tour guides in Zanzibar will do all your planning for your trip and always they make sure you are satisfied for their services.

Be aware of Fake Tour guides

In Zanzibar there is Fake tour guides or Beach Boys (Papaasi) are not registered with Zanzibar  commission for Tourism.

Most of Fake tour guides or Papaasi are drug dealing, committing crimes and robes. You will be approached a number of people claiming to be Official tour guides and not. Some Travelers  have been stung arranging budget hire cars and tour activities where Fake tours (Papaasi) has taken deposit then disappeared.

How can you avoid Fake Tour Guide?

Ask for the ID cards first Most of the fake tour guide are not having the ID from Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, you should ask the ID license for the someone who want to offer you a tour activities to be in a safe hand.


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