Most of travelers prefer to buy art galleries from Zanzibar, but they do not know where i can get the best attractive galleries and the end not to buy anything. Today i would like to share with you most places in Zanzibar that you can buy amazing art gallery without regret.

Yawara Massage Tingatinga Arts

Yawara Gallery is a very unique selection of the finest Tinga-Tinga paintings. It is a very special collection of exceptionally talented artists from Tanzania, who are all unique story tellers conveying their life experiences, wisdom and vision through the Tinga-Tinga traditions and style. It’s hard to find similar quality work elsewhere, so you better not miss the opportunity when you’re in Zanzibar. Support these supremely talented artists by purchasing their beautiful works.
Beside the Art Gallery, Yawara provides an excellent pressure point Japanese massage. All masseurs are highly qualified and certified through the reputable Japanese Shiatsu school. Very effective traditional Japanese massage, I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommending to everyone who seeks muscles stain relief. Exceptionally good.

Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery

The women of Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery transform traditional henna body arts into paintings and prints . Using a centuries old tradition of adorning women’s hands and feet for celebrations such as weddings and festivals, the artists translate the patterns of the body art onto canvas creating a new and soon to be iconic art style through their elaborate paintings.

Cute art gallery of hand made henna paintings in the heart of stone town. Feel free to bargain and pick up some really great local art.

Hellen Art Gallery

Hellen Art Gallery is a premier African Art Gallery that focus an original African products. In the Gallery, we make Paintings, Names plates, Handmade cards, etc. Visit Gallery and you will enjoy. You can find anything from small to big and hands down its a huge collection.

The Beautiful Eyes

The Beautiful eyes is a small gallery in the heart of Stone Town. You can buy beautiful photographs of Zanzibari with nice shots, artistic and full of atmosphere.

Dr Bugulu Gallery

It is Amazing gallery of the very talented and creative Dr. Bulugu variety of art and paintings all handmade. This gallery has some unique pieces of art which you can only find over here. What makes it unique is that Dr. Bulugu has his own style of portraying life in Africa. Not only animals but also some amazing work of people. Also this place you can pay by credit card.

Cultural Arts Centre Zanzibar

Cultural Arts Centre, Zanzibar (CACZ) is to encourage the arts of Zanzibar supporting social & environmental sustainability. They offer artworks by Zanzibari artists, handmade crafts and souvenirs made by Zanzibari artisans with local recycled material. You can join them  by learn how to create your own hand-made souvenir.

Cultural Art Gallery

Zanzibar Heritage Society and Culture Center is located on Mizingani Road in Forodhani Area of Stone Town on the seafront. Agha Khan Trust for Culture has taken care of the old decaying building which is now used for preservation of various arts and music. The best time to visit the center is in the afternoon. Entry is free. Here teaching classes are held for Music.

I hope for this articles will help you where to buy the best gallery arts in Zanzibar. If you have any questions concern about Zanzibar,Tour activities or Travel advices, please do not hasistate to contact us.