No matter your budget, you are sure to find wonderful items to purchase in Tanzania.

Here are some best  curio shops available in Zanzibar.

Memories of Zanzibar (Shangani, Zanzibar)

Top quality souvenirs,prices are of course are higher than elsewhere. The biggest souvenir store in Zanzibar, they offer most extensive selection of quality items all under one roof at a reasonable price.

Zanzibar Curio Shop (Hurumzi, Zanzibar)

This shop is incredible, first thing amke sure you have a good time to have look around. There are some many things to look at from the roof all the way to floor with the little back rooms and even more thing. You can feel like private looking at hiden treasures. Staff are also helpful which is nice and clearly understandable.

The Coins Shop (Gizenga street, Zanzibar)

This shop has more than souvenirs, they carry gifts that will become treasure, you will be able to buy some specific coins from home that here special significant.

Surti and Sons (Gizenga street, Zanzibar)

Great little Sandal with a genuine feeling. Mr Surti works in the front between helping customers. There is a decent selection of sandals for both men and women.
Not all model and sizes are available but with some time “surti and sons” will make your model for you.
Prices are displayed (~19US) for real leather shoes but there is little room for haggling.
Would like some more help with sizes to really give top marks.

Blue Gems Tanzanite (Shangani, Zanzibar)

They specialize in authentic tanzanite gemstones; set in 18k gold, Sterling silver, handmade thread bracelets and just the loose stones. If you are looking to invest in this rare gemstone then you are at the right place, their educated staff will assist you in finding just the right piece for you. Their goal is to make customers feel comfortable and rely their trust on us in providing them with nothing but the best, in case you are not satisfied we take full responsibility to compensate.

Fahari Zanzibar (Shangani, Zanzibar)

All their products are handmade using local materials with expert workmanship – taking inspiration from our cultural melting-pot of African, Arabian & Indian influences borne out of years of trading across the Indian Ocean.By buying from them ,you will be receiving an exceptional, original product whilst supporting local women build a sustainable future.Zanzibar, the cultural melting-pot of African, Arabian & Indian influences, lies surrounded by white golden sands in the crystal clear waters of the Indian ocean. This remarkable culture now reflects all its fascinating influences with Fahari’s beautiful collection of locally made bags, jewellery and accessories.With the ethical and style conscious in mind, international designer and Fahari founder Julie Lawrence, a highly qualified accessories designer and maker from London with years of experience supplying the worlds’ top designer stores, has trained a team of Zanzibari women, for free, to produce cutting-edge designs demanded by those who insist on the season’s latest looks.Fahari means “to have a sense of pride” in Swahili, the native language of Zanzibar and East Africa; it’s a motto encapsulated by our beautiful products that carry a unique Zanzibari twist.

Zivansh (Shangani, Zanzibar)

Great little shop. Small but special. Great for gifts and it takes cards. One of the best shop in stone town.. exactly in the center of the city, in the middle of one of the best areas in town.Original things that you won’t find anywhere in stone town, beautiful souvenirs, and the lady in the shop so kind and she can suggest you so many things !! If you are going to town you must stop to Zivansh.

Aromas Zanzibar ( Gizenga street, Zanzibar)

This little shop is a hidden gem! They have just about anything you can think of and if you want something they don’t have you can simply WhatsApp them and they will be glad to custom make for you. Great prices and wonderful customer service. Highly recommend to anyone in the area! Keep up the good work.