Common to make a few careless mistakes when traveling and exploring the unknown. But sometimes these mistakes can turn your trip into a disappointing and make wastage of money.
Here are the most common travel mistakes.

Make sure expiaration of your Passport
Many of us know we need a passport to travel internationally. What you might not know is that your passport actually needs to be valid for months longer than you think. Many countries require 6 months of validity. Others require less. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you don’t get stuck at the airport before your next international trip.

Forget Phone Charger

This is the most frustrating thing because whe at the airport and your phonone charge dies, so it will give you the option only to buy the new one for the extra cost.

Not Doing Research

Avoid arriving at a destination and not knowing what to do by at least doing a small Google search. Get information about possible things to do and interesting history of the place.

The more research you do in advance and the more you know; the more chances you have to enjoy the place.

Not Listen and Take Action 

Pay attention to what locals say; put into consideration and evaluate their advice. Who knows, maybe their advice will save you from getting robbed or help you save  your dangerous places.

 Not Locking  the Luggage

Especially when you stay in dorms and need to lock your stuff up. Carry a small combination lock with you when you travel in Zanzibar. Do not use one with keys, because if you lose the keys, you are screwed.

Not Read Reviews

Read the reviews for your hotels, tour companies, transportation options, etc. It will save you tremendous disappointment when you learn that a train runs through the hotel every hour, or the tour company recently customers. I highly recommend to read google reviews and not on TripAdvisor reviews. Most business are faking reviews to attract the customer on TripAdvisor.

Not to Negotiate a Taxi rate before

Many countries don’t have meters in taxis and the price is negotiable if done in advance, but exorbitantly expensive if neglected. Even if you’re sure you’re not going to be overcharged by a taxi driver, ask for the price in advance anyway and save yourself the burden of being ripped off.

Over Packing

It’s tempting to bring outfits for every possible occasion, but it makes it difficult to haul your luggage around, and you may get stuck with high baggage fees for accidentally exceeding the weight limit. Instead, pack your bag as usual, then take out half the clothes you originally planned. You won’t wear all of them, you don’t have to sacrifice style, and you can always do some laundry on the road.

Being late at the Airport

For domestic flights at a major airport, if you have bags to check, get there two hours early-before; if you have no bags to check, make it one hour before your flight’s departure. For many, the notion of arriving at the airport 3 hours before an international flight is one airline.

We are here to help you and I’d love to hear about your travels in the comments.