What clothes to Bring?

In places where clothing is cheap, suxh as southeast Asia and India do not stress too much about having a complete wardobe ready to go before you take off. Just about every girl I met in those regions wore clothing she’d bought on the road. It will suit the climate and 3-6$ per garment won’t break the bank.

In Europe, or anywhere remote, where you might either not be able to find cheap clothing you will need. These suggest list will help.

a)5-7 thin and simple tank tops or sleeveless tops that can easly mix and match with different bottoms.

b)2-3 pairs of shorts of varying length. Avoid denim humid countries ad it takes a long time to line dry.

c)Long skirts or dresses for conservative enviroments that require modesty and they breathe better than pants.

d)2-3 pair of light cotton pants and leggings. 9 pairs of whatever you find the most comfortable. 2 pairs of  thin socks.

e)1 pair of hiking or running shoes. A pair of flip flops or sandals and a hat to cover your face.

Toiletries to Bring.

Im often asked about buying toiletries on the road, and I’m happy to report that it is both easy and straightfiward finding shampoo, conditioner, deodrant, soap and other stuff related. For the items such as prescriptions, these ease traveling with them will heavily depend on what you need end how much you can get up front and there is no one size fits all approach. The beat way to handle it is to talk to your doctor and isnurance regarding how much you can get before you leave and how best take it across borders.

Remember that in much of the world, doctors are not too expensive to visit and it is possible to get precriptions written and filled on the road. Some developing countries will not even require a prescription for some items from prescription shampoos, skin creams to anti anxiety medications.

Practical Items.

Though most items such as bedding and pillow are provided in accomodations, you will need a few items apart from those those to make your travel easier and cheaper.

1)Travel line for drying clothing.

2)Packing cubes.

3)Microfiber towel.

4)Sleeping bag liner.

Sarong for easy covering up for temples or at the beach.

Product to Keep You and your Items Safe.

If you are traveling with anything of value which most travelers are the next most important things to pack are locks and item that can keep your electronics and yourself safe.