Discover Zanzibar’s best beaches with its spectacular sunset, turquoise waters, palm-fringed beaches, and colorful coral reefs.

Kendwa Beach (Kendwa, Zanzibar): Best beach in Zanzibar! You can swim from the beach at any time (low or high tide), with no strong currents. There are also patches of coral just offshore, which can be fun if you are into snorkeling. It located on the North coast in Unguja, Zanzibar and it is 57km from stone town to Kendwa Beach.

Kiwengwa Beach (Kiwenga, Zanzibar): It’s a tropical paradise. The water is warm and absurdly clear, and the air temperature never got too hot. It’s almost hard to believe it’s a real place. Beautiful.

Nungwi Beach (Nungwi, Zanzibar): Beautiful beach with white thin sand and transparent water. Lots of rocks and coral to get some shadow too! You can easily find some great shells. It’s a beautiful beach to look at and watch the sunset. It relaxes the mind automatically. I loved it.

Paje Beach( Paje, Zanzibar): It is made of white sand, which never gets too hot to walk on, therefore I think it is made of crushed corals, like the beaches in the Maldives. It is very long and very wide, and you can walk for kilometers, enjoying the bright sun and the colors of the ocean, which are always different, depending on the high or low tides, and also on the time of the day. It is never too hot, because it is always breezy, so much so that many people enjoy going kite surfing.  It looks like a lot of fun. If you want to take a rest from your walking, you can stop in any of the nice little restaurants waiting for you in the shade, like the Summer, the Bounty or the Delight. The service is very friendly, the food really delicious. Even having just a drink is an enjoyable experience, in the shade, and with friendly people around you.

Vumawimbi Beach(Vumawimbi, Zanzibar): It is about 6.7km from the Ngezi forest, Pemba, Zanzibar. A lovely beach to spend an afternoon or morning. Stunning beach, white sand, calm, blue seas, only really visited by locals.

Kizimkazi Beach (Kizimkazi, Zanzibar): Home to a beautiful little fishing village, Kizimkazi Beach is very local and lowkey. This beach is famous for swimming and spotting dolphins. If you are culturally inclined, you also get to visit the oldest mosques on the East African coast (Dimbani Mosque since 1107AD). Kizimkazi has a record of high tides and at such times, the beach is not fully functional and during the low tide, the ocean can be far away.

Jambiani Beach( Jambiani, Zanzibar): Gorgeous beach with some great history. The local ladies make rope from coconuts using the sea and stones that appear when the tide is out. Each patch of stones was in the family for generations. Lots of sealife to see when the tide is out but make sure you wear appropriate footwear due to sea urchins. It’s best to get a local guide – we had someone through Blue Oyster hotel to show us around the coral. Beach suitable for swimming, boating, and kite surfing.

Nakupenda Beach (Nakupenda Sandbank, Zanzibar): One of the best sand bank island in Zanzibar.
I love the place is so clean, fine white sands particles.
water is so clean and clear. it’s a beautiful place to chill with friends, alone or even with family.
most people also go for swimming, and sunset chilling.
the place doesn’t have food or drink shops, so when you wanna go there, make sure you tell your tour guide to prepare for you something. Though most of the tour guides and boat captain, normally they provide such service, they include it in your fee.
don’t forget to go with your swimming costumes plus goggles for snorkeling activities too. You can book via Viator here.

Matemwe Beach (Matemwe, Zanzibar): Great beach. Scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, kite surfing, swimming (although the water might be too warm).

Bwejuu Beach (Bwejuu, Zanzibar): Just North of Paje is the seaweed fishing village of Bwejuu.

It’s not the most pleasant beach on the island in terms of swimming, but it has a truly unique form of natural beauty.

If you are looking for a quiet beach town without even having to consider interacting with others, Bwejuu is a choice beach.

The thing I love most about Bewjuu is the swaying palm trees that are so lean they look like they could snap off, but instead remain limber, dancing to the Zanzibari wind.

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