The truth is The  Island is Beautiful has a lot to offer outside the parks. And what’s better? There are plenty of free things to do here — things that don’t cost you hundreds of dollars just to gain entry.

Walk around Stone Town

Do a self guided tour of Stone Town, you can enjoy the town walking, it takes about 2 hour or 3 to finish it, where you can visit House of wonders, Forodhani Garden, Old Dispensary, Darajani market, Freddie Mercury House with no entrance fees except Anglican Cathedral Church/ Slave Market  you can pay 5$ per person and all information is written on the board.

Watch Acrobatic at the Beach

Watch Acrobatic from local people at the beach which has established their Project as Zanzibar Stone Town(ZSTC) Acrobatic Project. They practice every evening opposite to the Africa House Hotel at the Beachfront, you can join with them for practicing acrobatic and break dance. If you want to take picture ask permission to them.

Go Swimming at the Beach


It is pretty much always see people swimming when I visit the beach. The water is warm an clear everywhere in Zanzibar. I highly recommend to go swimming at Kendwa Rocks Beach and Nungwi Beach for the most beautiful beach in Zanzibar. Also the beaches are safe in Zanzibar but be careful with sea urchin in some places.

Do the Shopping

Do the shopping in Zanzibar to buy local products such as handmade soaps, essential oils, kelp products, and more. The scents that these products emanate, such as cinnamon and clove to ensure that you buy them at the women’s cooperative to support the local economy of the city and other  traditonal crafts product.

Interact with Locals

Zanzibar People are so friendly, better yet, these informal interactions have no time or money requirement and are usually spontaneous and genuine. You can interact with local people to their daily activities or through entertainment such as playing football with them can be a great icebreaker if you wish to make some new friends!

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