Have you ever found yourself wishing you knew how to take better travel photos? Do you enjoy travel photography but you want to “up your game” a bit? Well, then…we have the advice you need! This post is the second in a four-week series loaded with our top travel photography tips for beginners. Today I’m sharing my best tips and advice on preparing for a travel photography trip.

Ask the Permission First Before take Photo
When traveling, especially overseas, you will be tempted to take photos of locals. They look exotic and different to you and, as appealing as it sounds to snap candid photos, it is always best to ask for permission first.

Learn About the Light

Light is a fascinating thing. So necessary for photography yet so often confusing and annoying. Why does your photograph change so drastically depending on whether you point your camera at the light or just a few centimetres away from it.

Learn the Basics of Photography

The best way to keep improving is to practice often, make mistakes and be open to learning from others, whether they’re well-established photographers or newcomers to the craft.

Always Bring a Camera

There is a saying in photography that “the best camera is the one you have with you”. Be ready for anything, and always carry some kind of travel camera around, because luck plays a pretty key role in travel photography.

The difference between an amateur photographer and a pro is that the pro is planning in advance for this luck, ready to take advantage of these special serendipitous moments that will happen from time to time.


You can have all the best gear in the world, but without an eye for composition, you’re still not guaranteed to take an interesting shot. Here are some of the fundamentals of composition to get you started (however there are tons of theories out there to help guide your eye).

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