While Zanzibar offers so much and welcomes its tourism with open arms, it is respectful of its culture. It is predominantly Muslim, and respect for Muslim values is always appreciated, especially during Ramadan.

Since it is the month of fasting, it is advisable to refrain from eating and drinking in public during the day, and with most restaurants closed during the day, eating in is the best option. It is considered polite not to eat in public during Ramadan.

Don’t Eat or Drink in a Public

Don’t eat, drink or smoke in public during the Ramadan. It’s not against the law to eat in public, but it is considered impolite, while so many people are fasting.

Dressing Style

Definitely don’t just wear your swimming gear walking back through Stonetown to your hotel.
If you’re a woman, you should cover your legs and definitely your shoulders.

This just means a long dress and a t-shirt. It’s a little warmer than most would want to be, but it’s far less covered up than most parts of the Muslim world would prefer you to be. And as for your t-shirt, make sure it’s not one too revealing. Unwelcome stares will remind you of that rule.

Support Local People

Most of Local people in Zanzibar especially in villages you will experince more poverty compare to town, so we advice you during ramadhan support them by giving them some amount of money and food as a charity.

Be Patient

When people have been fasting for most of the day, they inevitably move a little slower. It’s still hot in Zanzibar throughout the year, and a whole day without food or water is no small task. Be patient with slower responses and less enthusiastic customer service. It’s not that people don’t care or are not interested in you, it’s just tough to be energetic in 30-degree Celsius heat at hour 10 of a daily fast.

Stay for Eid el Fitr Festival (Sikukuu)

Stay for Sikukuu  which is four days celebration that concludes the ramdan in Zanzibar, with everyone dressed in their best clothes and great feasts cooked. It is a vibrant, exciting time to be around.

Love and affection

Holding hands, or brief hugs as way of greetings are okay, but all other physical touching and kissing should be kept private.

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