Who does not like to save money when it is possible? Traveling can be expensive but with the right strategy you can bring down the cost. Try these on your vacation in Zanzibar and your wallet will thank you.

Before you book, be aware of the location of where you are staying. 

Transport can add up quickly, so you may want to stay in a meeting point of the tour activity that you wish to do or in a central location. Ideally some where you can walk every where would work best.

Create Budget and Strict to it

We always prefer to eat nice restaurants on vacations, having budget is a wonderful ways to keep yourself on track.

Shop at Farmer’s Market and local Store

Farmer’s market often lower the price of the food, also Shopping at the local stores allows you to taste the local cuisine without having to pay price of the restaurant. Most of the travelers we recommend to buy spices at the farmers for saving money.

Use Apps to Call and Text Back Home

You will save more money by making calls and sending text messages using apps rather than your carriers services. Whatsapp, Google Hangout, Skype and  others let you talk and video call anyone else who uses the app and you can call any phone number in the world at a much reduced rate.